Patent Information

© 2015 JBL Leisure Limited, all rights reserved. Snowglobe® and the SnowGlobe® Logo and Brand are registered trademarks of JBL Leisure Ltd. The Snowglobe carries a UK Patent No. GB2457100,  European Community Design Registration No. 000925078 and International Patent application PCT/EP2009/051060, the Snowglobe & Baubles are made in England.

JBL Leisure is the proprietor of UK Patent No. GB2457100 and EU Registered Design No. 000925078, International Patent Application No.WO2009/098170, Australian Design Registration - No 324277, & The Bauble European Community Design Registration No. 001431217. Along with the Registered Trade Mark Snowglobe. The Snowglobe and The Bauble are exclusively licensed by JBL Leisure.

The Bauble carries a European Community Design Registration No. 001431217-0001

Manufacture and/or importation, sale / hire of inflatable chambers made to the designs shown in Patent No. GB2457100. EU Registered Design No. 000925078 or Australian Design Registration - No 324277 and The Bauble EU Registered Design No. 001431217, is an infringement of that registered design right.