Why Buy From Us

JBL designed and patented the World's first Giant Snow Globe in 2007. We are also the only company in the World to have designed and made the Giant Bauble and Sport Pods. These products are covered by a European Registered Design Right, worldwide patent pending. We are the Original, the Best.

We follow strict UK manufacturing guidelines; all our globes and baubles have a patented lightweight steel base. They are quick and easy to set up in only 10 minutes and they have our world famous patented backdrop, allowing you to change the theme in only 5 minutes.

And what about the snowinside the globe or bauble?
The JBL Giant Snow Globe and Giant Bauble comes with our world famous JBL Globe ‘Snow’.  A fabulous imitation of real snow, it floats around using our patented airflow system. Your guests can throw a handful, or let it blow around themselves and the scene. Each globe or bauble is supplied with an automatic snow system, which makes it ‘snow’ inside the globe or bauble.

We are the original and the best. Cheap imports cannot replicate the safety, sturdiness or bespoke elements that we offer. For over 8 years, we can proudly say that we have a 100% safety record.

At JBL Leisure, the company and our long-term success depends upon ensuring the safety of our customers, clients and the public.

All JBL Products are delivered with an "Operations, Safety & Set Up Manual" & "Certificate of Conformity".