Topshop Window Display Globes

Back in 2010 JBL were asked to produce Globes specifically for the display windows of Top Shop. They were a huge success and looked fantastic in the windows of their flagship store.

The sheer size of this giant snow globe in Topshop's flagship store was enough alone to grab my attention. As I stopped to look at it amongst the flurry of Christmas shoppers on Oxford street, I admired the giant snow globe set amongst a scene of frosty and glamorous mannequins and props. I like the way everything from the mannequins white afro's, to their embellished evening dresses and fur accessories emanates the frosty theme. Positioned amongst a backdrop of silver and white sprayed shards of metal. This instantly recognisable ornament is represented in a larger than life size full of Christmas sparkle and glamour.

First of all: Merry Christmas everyone! The reoccurring themes this Christmas have been the colour white and snowy scenery, as well as using the colour red. Perhaps the snow we had last year inspired the look of the festive windows this year. And how appropriate it was with all the snow again this winter. Here I look at what the high street retailers created for their shoppers, I say created because most of these windows don’t appear on the streets no more as it is, once again, sale time.

Topshop, Oxford street Christmas windows have a lovely colour scheme of whites, silvers and camels. Brilliantly styled fashion window! Loving the mannequins inside the JBL custom made display snowglobe.