Snowglobes in the USA

JBL have agents representing us throughout the USA; our main agents are based in Boston, and Miami, and sales of SnowGlobes are covered coast to coast.

Our partner relationships have been built up over 8 years. We visit the US every year for the Lappa show in Orlando; this is the largest show in the world for attractions both large and small.

Our Snow Globes are now present in almost every state, featuring in the major theme parks including Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Our superb quality and reputation for customer service are the reason you’ll see our snow globes in world famous landmarks, we are pleased to work with everyone, anywhere in the world.

Six Flags theme parks have used our snow globes in many of their parks, along with many zoos and other great venues; our Globes can be seen in many US shopping malls both large and small. Every year we have a presence in New York City, a seriously festive and lively city that we love to be a part of.

Las Vegas is another location our Globes are popular, particularly (but not surprisingly) with the Wedding Globes and the Casino Globes.

We’ve also made our way into the sports arenas of the US. The Miami Dolphins and the Boston Red Sox both use our Globes on match days.

Through our US agents, we offer exactly the same level of quality and service as you would expect to receive in the UK and Europe - it is a market that we are continuing to expand in, but are determined to maintain our high standards, particularly in a country which has high expectations in the area of customer service.

In 2014, we also made the worlds first Disabled access globes for Perfect parties, Peabody to be used in Dolly Parton’s Dollywood theme park in Splash County, Tennessee, nestled in the foothills of the great Smokey Mountains. Dollywood is ranked in the top 50 most attended theme parks in the world.

You can be sure that were ever you go in the USA, you will find a JBL Snowglobe just around the corner.

"I have had the privilege of working with Alistair Heelas from JBL Leisure for over 7 years.  As owner of Perfect Parties Entertainment Group, which includes Dinner In The Sky, I frequently work with international businesses sourcing unique entertainment products. In all my international encounters, I have never worked with a company that has had such a great combination of ingredients such as JBL Leisure.  Alistair makes a well made product, he has incredible business ethics, he is ultra responsive, and he always hits deadlines. I sincerely endorse both his snowglobe product and the JBL company character. I am available to chat live in further depth, but I am confident you will be delighted in the durability and profitability of the snowglobe product."

Eventfully yours,

Michael N. Gallant
PP Entertainment Group