Princes Quay, Hull

In 2008, Princes Quay in Hull were the first shopping centre in the UK to house the JBL SnowGlobe and it has been a feature there ever since. Many thousands of shopping centres globally have followed their example and the trend continues to grow to this day!

Shopping centres are an ideal venue for interactive entertainment and so, JBL are perfectly positioned to provide the solution at any time of the year and especially at Christmas.

Shake it up in Hull's giant snow globe

But the flurry was contained to the Princes Quay shopping centre, where a giant snow globe has opened. The city is the first in the UK to host the attraction, which is open until January 4.

Snowglobe proved to be a ball of fun and a huge hit from the start with many excited youngsters and adults.

Kelly, 28, of St Nicholas Avenue, west Hull, said, "I think it's brilliant. It's just so different. The children are getting to be more interactive than they would just sitting on Santa's knee. As soon as they walked into the centre they wanted to go in it."

"The Snow Globe is a completely unique experience and a modern take on Christmas, where the whole family can get involved. Groups of friends can also have loads of fun."

"This snow globe allows everyone to come along and have a go."