Grinch Selfie Globe

Universal were launching their new Grinch Film worldwide in 2018. We were asked to produce a custom made Grinch Selfie Globe to promote the blockbuster family film and brand. We provided an acrylic globe, that attracted cinema goers to have a selfie's taken with the Grinch, the globe allowed people to enter through the rear entrance and sit with The Grinch, once seated the special snow machine would operate and LED lighting would come on, creating one of the best Selfie photo booths we have ever produced.
This particular Globe was designed to appeal to and accommodate adults, teenagers and children so they could take photos and videos using their own smart phones.
Everyone who visited the Grinch Globe in some 30 countries really enjoyed having a selfie inside while others took video and lots of pictures sending many to social media, yet another example of our creativity and how we can assist in pushing forward a strong brand using our world famous JBL Globes.
If you have the requirement for a selfie globe or retail brand display globe, perfect for in-store promotional use, contact us to discuss your globe project.