Giant Bauble 2018

One of our best USA clients asked us to create a new Christmas photo opportunity, we made them 10 x Giant Baubles, this has allowed them to offer another show stopping attraction for their valued customers.

The Bauble is half the cost fo a Snowglobe, as has a different design, and is less complex, you can still have a custom backdrop and it presents a real WoW factor just like our famous snowglobe

Forget about the fairy on top of the, you can experience being inside a Bauble! The Golden Ring is the order of the day. Hang one up today!

The Giant Bauble is the newest member of the JBL family. It bears many similarities to the SnowGlobe. Primarily, it is a perfect photographic opportunity for those who step inside this festive show-stopping centrepiece.

As well as providing the opportunity to raise revenue through photo opportunities, the Bauble can also be used as a stand alone display ornament, making it ideal for festive shop window displays, garden centres and shopping malls. It can also be used to promote brands and products for private and corporate hire. A giant eye catching decoration!

But that’s not all. The real beauty of the Bauble is in it’s adaptability. The skin section can be removed meaning the bauble can be magically (!) transformed into a tennis, golf or football - the promotional possibilities are limitless. See our Sports Pods page.

There are 3 sizes available; small, medium and large. All are large enough to hold between 4 and 10 people!

Like the SnowGlobe, the Bauble is protected [IP] by a European registered design. JBL are the first company in the world to come up with this design and concept.