Feature Film: Nativity 2

In 2012, our JBL Giant SnowGlobe featured in the blockbuster British hit film ‘Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger'

The Globe was a huge success both in the film and off camera; it featured in a scene of the film where the whole cast stepped inside the globe and sang Christmas carols.

The Nativity 2 globe was a special custom made bespoke SnowGlobe, proving that not only can JBL take on the challenge of working in film and TV, but that we also have a 'Can - do approach to just about anything’.  Working with the film’s producers, we helped create a  magical and memorable scene.

JBL were invited to the red carpet film premier in London.  It was a fabulous experience and was another significant milestone in our journey so far.

JBL were awarded with screen credits for both their SnowGlobe and creative input.

We are proud to say that the SnowGlobe also features on the DVD cover of the film.