Branded Photo Mounts

The real beauty of the Snow Globe is that it’s not just a pretty face!  Yes, it looks fabulous, especially when in a themed setting e.g. Christmas or Halloween, but there’s more to it than that.

We also provide every kind of consumable with the Snowglobe or Bauble that you could wish for, giving you a complete and professional package.  Once you have your Snowglobe or Bauble, you can choose your branded or themed backdrop, add some JBL Globe Snow and, as a finishing touch, have your own branded photograph mounts and a branded photo mount bag to present your high quality photos in to your customers.

Our branded photo mounts come in 2 of the most requested sizes; either 6 x 4" or 8 x 6”.

You can then choose either from our stock photo mounts, and just add your logo, tag line or brand, or you can have a full custom bespoke themed photo mount made up to match your backdrop theme, or brand.

All our photo mounts are very high quality, they are a 4 page pull out design, so you have front, back and both inside pages to showcase your brand or theme, and any message you choose. We recommend having a greeting inside, as many of your customers will buy extra photos in mounts to send to family and friends.

Each branded photo mount is made on "Hello Silk Board" for a luxury feel on 300GSM card, so it is a heavy quality card. They are then Silk coated to give a great silk sheen, using a 4 colour process to machine silk coat all sides.  We then die cut to produce 'D' slits; this is where you insert your photo, where it is held in place securely.

Once you have decided on a design for both your backdrops and photo mounts, and sent us your artwork (unless using our stock artwork designs), we will then send you a proof, that you can check, and sign off using our proof form.  Once the proof form has been signed off, we will then go ahead with printing and finally deliver your branded photo mounts.

You can order any quantity from 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 or 5000 and upwards; the price per photo mount will vary subject to the volume ordered.  Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form or email for more details and a quote.

The same process applies to the branded photo mount bags.

As a guide, the average order amount is 3000, and if you should run out you can re - order from as little as 500.  We can usually have these delivered to you within 72 hrs, subject to the time of year.

We hope you enjoy the custom process of putting together your backdrop scenes along with branded photo mounts & bags.  Your customers will be rewarded with a high quality, well presented photograph and an unforgettable memento of their Snowglobe or Bauble experience.